GMC turned our heads when they announced an electric vehicle variant of the famous Hummer. But they nearly snapped our necks with their most recent teaser, implying that “Crab Mode” will be coming to the vehicle.

The official GMC Twitter account posted an image on Thursday, showing the words “Hummer EV” displayed overtop of a sharp graphic of a crab. The automaker previously spoke about something called Crab Mode in the past. If we align these ideas, it sounds like Crab Mode is coming to the Hummer EV.

But what IS Crab Mode?

We actually have an idea of this. While GMC hasn’t elaborated on the mode, we have enough context to make a few guesses. You see, one of the major differences between gas and electric cars is that the wheels can potentially operate independently of each other, depending on the motors used. If each wheel has their own motor, they can rotate any way they want, regardless of the other wheels. This led to the creation of a “stationary donut” of sorts, where an electric car will spin in place, often known as doing a cyclone. This is achieved by having the left side drive forward while the right side drives in reverse.

Our theory is that Crab Mode is similar to Cyclones. By rotating the tires at the right angles and by spinning the front and back wheels opposite of each other, a vehicle can, in theory, move entirely sideways. Ya know, like a crab.

The Hummer EV’s release has been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. We can expect the vehicle to hit showrooms some time in Fall of 2021 though. We’ll most likely know the truth behind Crab Mode by then.