Some cars can go mud running, others can take being flipped over, but how many people can say their car can take an explosion? A new mod project by Inkas shows off exactly that.

The Canadian company has put together a 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser that has received their armored modification package. This includes overlapping armor plates, ballistic glass, armored engine compartments and radiator, and even an underfloor blast plate that also works as a skid plate.

To support the new protection, it also was given a new in-house suspension system, upgraded brakes, reinforced run-flat fires, and reinforced hinges. While not protective in their own right, they also included a number of complimentary features. This includes a siren, PA system and fire-suppresion, with optional additions like signal jammers, gun ports, night vision, and even a ramming bumper.

Armored vehicles, in order to receive their European VPAM certification, need to be able to withstand a certain threshold of attack while still keeping the occupants safe. This includes over 700 bullets, multiple grenade blasts, and even a 33-lb TNT blast. And that’s the fun part of this article. Inkas recorded footage of their certification test and shared it online for all of us to see just how powerful the armor is.

As you can see, the vehicle remains in relatively good shape, considering everything it just went through. And most importantly, the passenger dummies remained unharmed.

The armored Land Cruiser won't be available in the United States, unfortunately. Not that your average driver would need something of this magnitude. And frankly speaking, if you do, there are plenty of other options available to make it happen. Still, the video is cool to see.