As technology continues to advance and touchscreens become an ever growing commonplace among our day to day lives, their size gets larger. The infotainment screens in cars are no exception. Fortunately, Google is looking to make the most of that extra space with an update to Android Auto. One that adds a new splitscreen feature.

In splitscreen view, users will be able to have multiple Android Auto features on screen at the same time. A common idea would be to have the navigation up on the majority of the screen, while recent messages can be listed on the side. While the feature already exists, it was only available for select vehicle models, to which they were specifically designed for. This update, however, allows the feature to be present on all Android Auto users.

The core change behind this update is the new support for different sized screens. Vehicle infotainment centers are getting more and more diverse in their design. Being able to automatically adjust to the screen size, instead of being predetermined, will allow Android Auto to be more easily implemented into both future and previously limited vehicle models.

While not the most mind-boggling of changes, this is a welcome update. User interface customization is an important factor to the overall comfort experience. We all have our own ways of organizing our phone apps, or arranging our computer icons, and things like that. And considering how much time we spend in our cars, why not allow for that kind of customization for our infotainment, you know?

Either way, be sure to update your Android Auto system to make the most of the new feature.