Googles smartphone connection system for cars, Android Auto, is getting a noteworthy update soon. Users should get ready for new features like split screen and game functionality.

The tech giant announced a number of updates for Android Auto on Tuesday. The updates seem to focus on making the interface easier to use, while also introducing some new entertainment options.

Interface wise, a new shortcut system is being added to allow faster access to more commonly used apps. For cars with wide enough screens, they will support a new split-screen feature. When enabled, this will display both the Google Maps interface and media functions at the same time. For privacy, users will be able to hide the screen when not in use, something good for carpools and ride-sharing.

Heres something a bit more interesting: games. The update adds in a variety of new driving games to entertain while on the road. These games dont require vision, so you dont take your eyes off the road. The Google Assistant will act as a moderator of sorts, playing games like Jeopardy with the driver.

The update will also allow for custom wallpapers. While not that amazing, were happy theyre going to offer it.

The update with all of these new features will work on any phone running Android 6.0 or newer. While dubbed the Spring update, users can expect to see it reach their devices here in a few days.