Before things were Fast or Furious, there was one premier source for silly, outrageous racing shenanigans. We’re talking about teh classic animated show, Speed Racer. And now, they’re lining up to retake the lead. There’s word of a live-action revival of the 60s TV show.

According to a recent report by Variety, AppleTV+ is developing their own Speed Racer series. J.J. Abrams is said to be an executive producer, with Apple hiring Bad Robot as the production company. Ron Fitzgerald and Hiram Martinez are also listed as writers and executive producers. At the moment, no actors, nor a release window, were given.

Speed Racer originated as a Manga series (Japanese comic book) back in the 60s. Originally titled “Mach GoGoGo”, it was about a boy named Speed Racer as he participated in a variety of different racing challenges in his iconic car, the Mach 5. It was adapted into a TV show and released in America in 1967. The show was known for it’s over the top, extra silly situations and solutions. Compare it to things like the classic batman show of the same era, who had all sorts of silly gadgets.

There was actually another attempted live action revival back in 2008. The movie was overall disliked, however, citing a focus over annoyingly bombastic special effects over a coherent storyline.

Will this one be better? Maybe. We have a little more faith that Abrams can make an entertaining show, but we don’t have tremendous confidence that he will capture the magic of the original. And being what will presumably be an AppleTV+ exclusive, we expect near to no one to have actually watched it.