Is it really camping if you don't do it inside of a tremendously overengineered and futuristic looking spaceship? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, an option does exist. While not a literal spaceship, a brand known as Aptera is producing some of the most sci-fi cars you can find, and now you can sleep in them.

Brought to our attention by CNET, Aptera is a new company that launched last year. They focus on producing the most aerodynamic and energy efficient electric cars possible. To achieve that, all of their cars sport a rather bizarre, three-wheel electric powertrain. And to make the absolute most of it, they even have solar panels on the hood (or more).

It’s also rather customizable, making it hard to give accurate specs. With up to four internal battery size options, the vehicle can have a range of between 250 and 1,000 miles on a full charge. There are also multiple levels of solar panel coverage, allowing anywhere between 0 and 40 miles of recovered power a day, depending on package option and location.

What really caught us off-guard, however, is the camping configuration add-on. When attached, the trunk door opens up to create a larger, enclosed space for camping with. And while the sleek, futuristic design might not match the rustic aesthetic of camping, it’s certainly one of the most environmentally friendly options possible in an automobile.

We can’t help but wonder how safe such a car would be, given the lack of easily distinguishable crumple zones. But without any details for or against the topic, we will just have to wonder.

Reservations for the vehicle are available now on the company website. Prices for the model are surprisingly affordable, with the baseline package without extras can be as low as $25,900. If you include all of the extra batteries, panels, and customizations, it will rise to a total of $57,000. Even then, not bad.