We hope your garage has a high ceiling. The one and only DeLorean is back, and it looks like it’ll fit in perfectly with the future it was always known for. Introducing the DeLorean Alpha5.

The DeLorean is one of the most well known vehicles in modern culture. Made famous by its use in the film Back to the Future, it was the only model ever produced by the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC). For literal decades, gearheads and motor enthusiasts have mused on the idea of a DeLorean revival. And for a long time, it’s been speculated. Only now, however, are we getting an actual, solidified showcase of that happening.

The Alpha5 is a wonderful merger between the classic concept and design of the original DMC-12 with modern amenities. The body is designed by Italdesign, the same firm that designed the original car. It retains its sharp, geometric shape and iconic gullwing doors. The horizontal headlights, grill and rear valance designs, and rear window style are all reminiscent of the original, as well.

But it’s still a prime example of modern technology, featuring LED headlights, digital gauge cluster, touchscreen infotainment, and most importantly: it’s a fully electric car. While specifics aren’t actually available, MotorAuthority confirmed the more technical specs. The battery pack will have an approximate 300 mile range, a top speed of around 155 mph and a 3 second 0-60 mph time.

For those who might not have known: this isn’t EXACTLY the same DeLorean Motor Company as before. The original company only produced one car back in the 80s, the one we all know. It was shut down in 1982. That same year, founder John DeLorean was videotaped in a sting operation agreeing to bankroll drug trafficking. Wild, right?

The company remained “dead” until 1995, when it was revived by Stephen Wynne. The actual company is called DeLorean Motors Reimagined LLC. They bought out the DMC name and have operated under it. Over the last several years, they primarily offered parts to repair and maintain existing DeLorean models. Only now are they showing what they have planned for releasing their own vehicles.

You can see the DeLorean Alpha5 itself on August 18 when it appears at the Pebble Beach Concours d ‘Elegance Award ramp. It will also appear during Monterey Car Week, where it can be found on the Concept Lawn on August 21.

DeLorean plans to produce and release other vehicle models as well, but details on those have not been made available at this time.

Maybe it’s just the nostalgia, but we love the look of the DeLorean, original and Alpha5. We hope the vehicle performs well on the market when it launches and we’d love to snag one for ourselves.