There’s something special about a good ol’ fashioned restomod project. But what about the exact opposite? That’s what Flex does for Toyotas. And now, they’re coming to the United States.

Flex Automotive is a Japanese auto mod company. Their focus is on taking a standard production Toyota, and converting it into something that resembles that of the model’s old school designs. A popular example includes the Land Cruiser, which will make the vehicle resemble the 60 series Land Cruiser from the 80s.

Each example Flex produces is called a Renoca, the words for “renovated car” combined. Founded in 1967 in Japan, Flex considers the practice to be an aspect of personalization meant to foster the relationship between a car and the owner. Of their 50 locations, each one specializes in a single vehicle model, with many of them being the Land Cruister or the Hiace van.

And now, the service Flex provides will be crossing the ocean and landing in San Diego, California. This will be the company’s first time outside of their homeland. Set to open up in winter of this year, the location will start by offering two different Land Cruister variations. Once established, they plan on expanding the selection available to include a retro Tacoma option (the Tacoma being a US exclusive vehicle).

The two Land Cruiser options are the Flex 106, which converts a 100 series to look like a 60 series, and the Flex Wonder, which is an 80 series converted to a 60 series. The changes are almost entirely cosmetic, but can contain some mechanical changes. You might see a lifted suspension and off-road tire upgrade. While official prices have not been provided, we can make estimated based on their Japanese store pricing. From this, most modifications start at around $21,000, not including the price of the donor vehicle.

There’s probably something to be said about the loss of aerodynamics from using those older body designs. But as a fan of retro styles, we can’t help but really enjoy that there’s someone out there providing this service.