Donuts are an age-old act of recklessness and fun with a rear-wheel drive vehicle. Not many know, however, that all-wheel-drive electrics are also capable of doing donuts, and they're not like what you expect.

In a video posted by car journalist Dan Prosser, we see an electric Audi RS3, worked into the 4e Performance concept by Schaeffler Group, doing what many are referring to as "cyclones." Since most electric cars are AWD, their instantaneous torque allows them to rotate their front AND back at equal speeds. This is in contrast to a traditional donut, which relies on rear-torque.

This can only be done by electric cars. A combustion AWD couldn't pull this off. This is because the vehicle spins one side of wheels forward while the other side spins backward, an act only capable by the electric motors. This also means that the vehicle largely stays in place, instead of gliding in a wide arc.

Pointless? Yes. Intimidating? Also yes.