Remember back in September when we mentioned that GMC was teasing a new “Crab Mode” for their upcoming electric Hummer? Now we know what to expect, as we catch a glimpse of the feature out on the road.

Well, not us specifically. Youtube channel The Fast Lane Truck recently uploaded some dash cam footage they recieved of a Hummer using this feature.

For the moment itself, skip to 0:38 in the video. In it, we see a convoy of EV Hummer prototypes driving down the road. As traffic begins to slow, we see a couple of them “slide” diagonally in a way that is impossible for traditional cars. That's the CrabWalk.

As suspected, the new CrabWalk feature appears to tilt all four wheels in a direction while applying torque, allowing the vehicle to slide in a diagonal direction without having to rotate. This isn’t possible in combustion power trains, due to the nature of how power is sent to the wheels. Electric vehicles, however, has motors at each wheel, allowing them to move independently of each other.

This is the first time we’re seeing something about the upcoming EV Hummer that wasn’t officially released by GM. It’s strange, almost. They way they move tugs on my fear reflex somewhat. Generally when a car starts moving that way, it’s due to losing traction on the road from rain, snow, or ice. But they appear to still have complete control.

Still, we love it. It introduces a big expansion to potential maneuverability. Imagine how much easier it would be to parallel park.