Mankind is stronger when we work together. And we’re going to see a bit of that in the world of hybrid automotives. The parent companies of Mercedes and Volvo are working together to produce a highly efficient gas engine for use in hybrid vehicles.

This collaboration was announced by Daimler and Geely Holding last Friday. The two auto groups hope to use the end product in both of their product lines with Mercedes Benz and Volvo specifically.

Speculation of such a partnership started in 2018 when the parent company of Geely Holding purchased an approx 9% stake in Daimler. Around the same time, Volvo was announcing more investments in combustion engines.

So what does this mean for consumers?

This indicates that Volvo and Mercedes hybrid models in the future will likely have whatever end product they produce. This could mean highly efficient hybrids with impressive fuel mileage. But even then, we won’t actually see the effectiveness of this collaboration for a number of years from now.