Not all automakers are in the delivery truck game. But out of the ones that are, Volvo is one of the leaders of the pack. In keeping up with other vehicular trends, the automaker has announced a fully electric truck. Named the Volvo FL Electric, we can expect the vehicle to be sold in Europe in 2019.

Under normal conditions, the FL Electric pushes out around 174hp, with an ideal of 248. The 300-kilowatt-hour battery capacity gives it a range of 186 miles. AC charging methods will take an overnight 10 hours to reach maximum charge, while a fast DC charge should only take between one and two hours.

Thanks to the quiet nature of electric vehicles, they can be operated at night in urban areas without running the risk of any noise violations. This would free up traffic in the day, while also allowing for more efficient business practices long term.

This is an advancement based on Volvo's electric bus division, which has sold over 4,000 electric buses since 2010. The race for electrification has been an increasingly hot effort made by nearly all automakers at this point. Tesla's electric semi caused the greatest stir, boasting a 500-mile range.