One of the most common issues currently with electric vehicles remains to be their ability to recharge. It's comparatively slow and requires a fair bit of hardware. But Volkswagen might have come up with a solution.

The automaker has introduced a robot that can move around and charge vehicles as needed. Currently just a concept, these machines will not only allow for vehicle charging without having a driver present, but it would also allow for vehicle charging in structures that can't support their own charging stations.

The robot would be able to transport up to 25 kilowatt-hours of power between a charging dock and a vehicle. It could be directed to vehicles either through a mobile app or via vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. It would then leave the power unit behind to charge the vehicle while the robot moves on to the next car. It can access charging ports by an extending arm, allowing the driver to be away while it happens.

The public potential of this idea is phenomenal. Imagine parking your car for work, doing your job, and coming back to find that your "tank" is full again. Done regularly, and you'd never need to stop at the gas station again.

There's no official word as to whether this will make it to production or not. But we hope so.