Fully electric vehicles aren't just for wealthy folks wanting a sedan (or oddly shaped pickup). They have a very practical use in professional settings as well. This might be the most practical use of electrification yet. Virginia is looking into electric school buses.

Thomas Built Buses is a subsidiary of Daimler. And on Tuesday, they announced a new contract to build 50 electric school buses for the state of Virginia. This is the beginning of a plan to replace all 1,050 diesel-fueled buses currently in circulation. 

The model themselves are called the Jouley. Originally unveiled in 2017, they sport the same yellow and black design of traditional school buses. Instead of an engine, it features a 220-kilowatt-hour battery good for approximately 134 miles per charge. Equipped with a DC fast charger, it can reach a full charge in about three hours. 

This is a tremendously clever move by the Virginia educational system. This would not only reduce the long-term cost of vehicle fuel, but it would help reduce vehicle emissions, helping create cleaner air. We do wonder how much this costs, though.

Production of the 50 ordered examples will begin in the second quarter of this year. The vehicles will be implemented not long after.