Tired of having to adjust the AC temperature ever 15 minutes in your car? What if it did it for you? That's the idea behind Valeo's Smart Cocoon concept car. This vehicle will track your body's ambient temperature, clothing, and more to determine your most comfortable cabin temp.

To be fair, Valeo is trying to build the most energy-efficient vehicle they can. They discovered that inaccurate climate control is a big waste of energy. Their concept solution to this issue is to target temperatures at the people in the cabin instead of the cabin itself.

The system, using a slew of sensory technology, tracks a great deal about any passengers in the vehicle. This includes locations, body position, face, heart and breath rates, body temperature, and even clothing. Using this information, the vehicle detects how warmly a person is dressed and adjusts the air conditioning to best fit them.

There were demos for the system at CES 2020, where folks could attest to the program's effectiveness. One user claimed that the vehicle accurately identified their sweater and when they removed it. Regardless of outfit, the vehicle automatically created a comfortable temperature.

The system was far from perfect, however. Some users reported that the heating pads made their arms too warm, for example. Valeo also acknowledged that there are cultural differences regarding how one likes to be cooled off and that calculating such things automatically would not be easy.

This is a neat system. But it might be a bit more automated than I care for. I don't need a car to calculate what I'm wearing, I can just adjust this beforehand. So for as cool as it may be. It feels unnecessary.