Those who value privacy may want to steer away from using Uber from here on out. A new policy for the ride-sharing company will include recording audio of the passengers during rides.

Uber has expanded its safety policy, where now users will be warned that ride audio may be recording and asking the user to opt-in, according to a report by The Washington Post.

This is in response to a slew of various sexual assault claims and lawsuits where passengers claimed to be raped and groped by drivers. The audio saved will be used as evidence toward any claims made against Uber and its drivers.

Neither the passenger nor the drivers will have access to the recordings in any capacity and the files will be encrypted for security reasons. If a user submits a safety incident, the recording is sent to the Uber headquarters for evaluation. Should it be requested, the recordings will also be shared with law enforcement.

The feature will first release in Brazilian and Mexican cities this December.

Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing fully depends on whether Uber uses this power to protect themselves or to preserve justice for its riders.