No matter how bad of a weekend you might have had, this truck driver probably had it worse. Multiple exotic cars were destroyed after the semi truck carrying them was struck by a train.

Last Thursday in Houston, Texas, a semi truck hauling multiple high end vehicles was caught in a train crossing, unable to escape the area before being struck by an oncoming train. It wasn’t even a light clipping on the end of the trailer. It was smashed squarely in the center of the cargo hold.

While the cargo was not fully disclosed, the vehicle was reportedly carrying a Ferrari SF90 Stradale, a Ferrari 488 Spyder, a white Porsch 911, and “I believe a Bentley,” according to a local witness. The witness, who spoke with Road and Track, explained how the crash happened.

“[The driver was] new to the area, tried to get on other side of Washington Ave. and tried to go over railroad track on a very narrow street.”

We don’t know what fate the truck driver was met with, but there’s a fair chance he doesn’t drive trucks for a living anymore.