We love seeing a beast of an engine under the hood of a sleek, stylish muscle car. But maybe that isn’t your flavor. Maybe you want something more akin to the dad-bad of cars. That’s what YouTuber Tavarish seems to have been going for, since they installed a Hellcat engine into a Chrysler Pacifica mini-van.

You read that right. Freddy Hernandez, known online as Tavarish, was recently shown off at the eBay New York Auto Parts Show. The family vehicle, painted a nice blue tone, was fitted with a 6.2 liter supercharged V-8 Hellcat engine. While specific specs aren’t given, Tavarish is claiming an approximate 800 horsepower. Compared to the vehicle’s base 3.6 liter V-6 engine, we’re seeing about 530 more horsepower.

As unorthodox as this idea sounds, the integration has proven rather convenient, Tavarish claims. The Pacifica specifically has a number of features that make installing the Hellcat engine easier. This includes the large Stow-n-Go storage wells, space for a propshaft, and a rear subframe that saves on fabrication time. The mini-van will likely need a new hood shape and an air scoop. But if you’re at this level of mechanical modification, that’s not too hard.

We always enjoy when people take a new approach to car modding. It’s especially satisfying when the end goal is something bizarre like this. We wish Tavarish the best of luck with the job. And once it’s done, we better get some good video footage of what it can do.