One of the most common concerns for electric cars right now is the battery life. While they’ve gotten better, they can still be a bit of a problem for longer trips and more remote travel. Camping is a good example. But this camper company has come up with something that might help: A towable camper with a spare EV battery built in.

Colorado Teardrops have announced a new product they call the Boulder. It’s a small camping trailer suitable for four, capable of upgrades like climate control, water heating, and an exterior kitchen. The main draw, however, is the electric battery pack and DC fast charger built in.

The teardrop design, sub-2,000 lb weight, and battery pack are all centered around minimizing the amount of power used when pulling a camping trailer, while still offering some comfort in the camping scene. And with a 75KwH battery underneath it all, you’ll get an entire second charge on most vehicle models.

Now here’s the harder part; the Boulder is kind of expensive. While not available for sale yet, Colorado Teardrop is taking pre-orders for various trim options, with a base price of $55,000. You can buy an entire electric car for that price, making it a little harder to justify. At least you don’t need to have registration and insurance on a towing camper.

More info about the Colorado Teardrop Boulder can be found on their official website.