Remember the peasant days, when your camping van only had ONE floor? Those are days of the past, now that the SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition has appeared in our lives. This Chinese RV comes with the unique ability to expand into a second story.

In its travel mode, the Maxus appears to be a medium-sized recreational vehicle. But with the help of some slide out walls and a powered pop top extension, it expands to cover over 340 square feet of space, a good 133 of that feet are in a separate rooftop sunroom. To continue the luxury, the Maxus does away with the clutter of stairs in favor for a compact personal elevator.

The sun room glass provides an optional privacy setting with built in illumination. The base level comes with seating, a built in TV, a compact kitchenette, and a bathroom and shower combo.

Ready for the downer? Don’t expect to see this vehicle outside of China. It’s built and sold purely on the Chinese market and won’t qualify American automotive standards. If you want something like this in the States, you’ll have to find a pretty skilled mod shop.