Do you know someone who defines their entire personality on a consumer good? Remember that guy at work that only ever talks about their new Apple device? Are you that guy but with Tesla vehicles? Then there might be a new dating service for you. A new dating service is trending for being a beacon for Tesla owners to meet.

The name is simple: Tesla Dating. Currently under development, this will be a smartphone app that connects mutual Tesla-fans together. According to the creator, in an interview with Business Insider, the idea started after discovering the weird obsession that certain Tesla owners have for the brand.

Based on promotional imagery on the website, it appears that the format for hte app will work in a similar way to Tinder. Users will be shown a potential partner, complete with image and description. From there, they have the choice to select the individual or to decline them. Assuming it continues to follow the Tinder formula, any two partners that mutually select each other will be matched together and allowed to send direct messages.

One way it separates itself from the standard dating app is that users appear to be able to put in the details of their Tesla vehicle (model, color, etc) so that it can be displayed alongside their profile image on the browsing menu.

There is an obvious assumption that you have to be a Tesla owner in order to participate in the platform. We don’t expect them to actually fact check this or anything. But really, do you want to start a relationship built on lies?

As silly as this sounds, there is an established history online for mutual interest dating sites. Like Tesla Dating, these were platforms where people under a common creed could meet and date. Some notable examples were Christian Mingle and Farmers Only, which focused on (you guessed it) Christianity and rural farm lifestyles respectively.

While we can’t personally see why someone would be interested in a Tesla-based dating site, that might just be because we don’t own a Tesla. Tesla Dating is currently in development and is not yet available. For more information, visit the official website.