Another automaker might be taking the throne of performance electric cars. Lucid has unveiled more details about their upcoming sedan, which outperforms the competition in nearly every aspect.

Lucid, which first revealed their plans for an electric sedan, The Lucid Air, four years ago, has recently launched additional details about the upcoming vehicle. Some noteworthy aspects listed were a horsepower of 1,080, a 500+ mile range, and a quarter mile time of less than 10 seconds.

Let's start by looking at the horsepower. Lucid attributes the 1,080 HP to the dual motor powertrain. They boasted that they managed to miniaturize the system without sacrificing power, allowing for additional storage and cabin space. This is nearly twice as much as the Tesla Model S, which runs at 503 HP.

The power is well optimized, too. Capable of running a quarter mile in 9.9 seconds, this is only 0.3 seconds more than the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon drag special, a combustion vehicle designed for this exact kind of performance.

Our personal favorite spec is the 113-kilowatt-hour battery. Developed by Lucid’s in house technology division, the battery is capable of holding enough charge for 517 miles per charge, outperforming the Tesla Model S by over 150 miles. The same division has been developing batteries for Formula E over the last two years, after all. Lucid claims they could have gone with a larger battery, but chose to keep it light in favor of performance.

After all this, we assumed this meant that the price tag would be the “catch.” But we were wrong there, even. Planned for release in Spring of next year, the base-spec air will have a starting price of $60,000. This is 40% cheaper than the starting price of the Tesla Model S.

The Lucid Air will debut properly later this week. Production will begin this year with deliveries shipping out in Spring of 2020. If they manage to hit all of the numbers they’re claiming to have, then we’ll be rather impressed.