Let's be honest, whenever we see an Elon Musk company do something weird, we aren't sure if it's real or not. So when word was spreading of a Tesla smartphone partnership with Samsung, people believed it. Now it's been discovered to be false.

Word had initially spread when Chinese site Weibo reported on a Tesla-branded Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone. It had reported on it as a legitimate leak. Various English speaking sites began reporting the same, citing Weibo as the source.

It wasn't too long until some keep-eyed journalists noticed that it wasn't what it seemed. They discovered that the image was actually a concept mock-up produced by Video Producer Arun Maini on Twitter.

This is why sources are always important folks. Even if the original reports were well-intentioned, there are plenty of things out there that can be easily misconceived as true. And for every innocent concept, there are 2 more folks who intentionally make fake leaks to try and trick internet goers.

Why would you want a Tesla phone, anyway? It was still just a Galaxy Note 10. This wouldn't be any different than getting a custom phone case.