Technology is the future. Making mastery over technology an impressive display of power. So why not condense that same style into a Rolls-Royce? Introducing the Wraith Kryptos Collection, a special variation of the model designed with codebreakers and decrypters in mind.

The Wraith Kryptos was designed by Katrin Lehmann, built with a focus on cryptography. The overall design “incorporates a labyrinth of complex ciphers into its beguiling facade.” And they mean that literally. From a distance, it looks like normal design elements. Up close, however, they appear to be secret messages worked into the body that require some encryption skills to uncover.

Take the hood ornament, for example. Engraved in the base is a cipher pattern disguised as a series of dots. In truth, it’s actually a stylized morse code. Small secrets like this are hidden all over the vehicle, from the headrests to the pinstripes.

Of course, to fully understand the full capacity of the vehicle’s secrets, you’d have to buy your own.

Once you have one, you can submit your guesses as to what the secrets are via Whispers, a Royce-only social networking app for smartphones. Currently, the only people who know the outcomes of the codes are Lehmann themselves and Rolls CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös. There’s also a sealed envelope with the answers locked away in a safe in the CEO’s office.

With only 50 examples, and an estimated price tag of around $400,000, there’s very few folks who will be able to gain access to the vehicle, let alone have the skills needed to crack all of the codes it contains. We look forward to seeing if anyone manages to discover the secrets it contains.