Something truly unfortunate has occurred: the bouncy suspension feature of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE has been discontinued for certain models.

What are we talking about? You see, the 2020 MB GLE used to come with a unique feature. Referred to as the E-Active Body Control system, or EABC, the vehicle could rapidly shift the hydraulic system up and down. This “shakes” the vehicle, in an effort to help dislodge it when trapped in snow or sand. MotorTrend writer Jonny Lieberman, however, realized that you can activate the system regardless of what surface you're on. That includes pavement. As such, a new trend was starting around having a bouncy SUV.


The bouncing, an automated process when activated, only works when stationary or moving at a low speed. The movement is reminiscent of classic modified car hydraulics, where the driver would manually make their cars hop and bounces. It's a classic way to show off the level of modifications to various hot rods. Seeing similar movements from an average SUV is an entertaining juxtaposition.

But the dream of doing it ourselves is already passing. The EABC is a bit expensive, costing an additional $8,200. Considered a bit unnecessary for the market, no one was ordering the feature. The automaker is responding to this by removing the package as an option entirely for GLE-class vehicles. Now, the only model to offer the package is the GLS580, the pricey, high-powered vehicle.

"We constantly evaluate our portfolio to ensure we simplify the ordering process for our dealers and customers. We've decided to continue offering eABC as an option in the GLS 580 and standard on the GLS 600 Maybach, but have removed the option from the GLE/GLS450 as a result of low take rates."
. . .
The technology will be used in sedans like the S-Class and the S-Class Maybach, but sedans won't offer the bouncy bounce mode that you've come to love."

In all fairness, we get why they’d do this. As fun as stationary bouncing is, paying over $8k is a bit much for the option. We like it, but probably would have skipped it too, unless we started making significantly more money, at least.