Some of the most interesting changes and creations are coming out this week during the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This time around, it includes the M-Byte electric crossover SUV and it's four-foot wide digital screen.

First appearing last year, Byton has developed a 48-inch curved screen referred to as the Shared Experience Display (SED). Stretching the entire length of the windshield, it works in conjunction with a seven-inch screen on the steering wheel and an eight-inch screen in the center stack. The driver can operate the vehicle and the SED alike through the use of these screens, motion controls, and a set of buttons.

Byton assures us that the screen will not be a hindrance, either. It was developed and tested to not affect the driver's vision and will adhere to crash safety standards in all target markets. They also noted that screen brightness will change dynamically with the local light levels to best fit in.

The SED will provide all of the usual information one would get from a traditional dashboard. It will also support the usual array of options one would see in an infotainment system. This includes videos, photos, files, and more, all of which can be shared with rear-seat entertainment screens for backseat viewing.

Aside from the onslaught of digital screens, the M-Byte interior hosts a number of luxury qualities. More than just climate control, gear selectors, and virtual assistants, the car will have level 3 self-driving abilities at launch, and can even swivel the front seats inwards by 12 degrees for more direct conversation in the car.

Current versions are only prototypes. The production version of the M-Byte will be revealed this summer. Price estimates sit around $45,000 with a release window of late 2020.