Just about anyone would agree that $150,000 is more than enough for a high-quality car. But for the obnoxiously rich, that's barely enough for just the cabin. At least if it's for a Bugatti Veyron, that is.

A recent eBay listing for the complete interior of a 2008 Veyron has gone up, with a heavy Buy Now price of $149,999. The owner claims that the parts were removed before the original car owner took delivery. Why they'd want a cabin-free Veyron is beyond us, but it means that the parts listed have been sitting unused since then.

The sale is being managed through Braman Motors in Miami, Florida. it comes with two seats, seat belts, a shift knob, the HVAC controls, a steering wheel, and all those small bobbles in between. They're all in a caramel orange like color.

There aren't that many things people could do with a Veyron interior. The most likely answer just being to upgrade their current ride. If the $150,000 price tag is causing unease, the seller has opened up the option to "make an offer." Though most folks willing to drop that much on car seats probably is comfortable enough with their budget as is.