Ford continues to grow its electric vehicle family. It began with the electric F-150 and the Mach-E. Now they're expanding into the commercial world with the electric Ford Transit marked for a 2022 model year.

The Ford Transit EV will be, as the name implies, a fully electric variant of the popular commercial van. As such, it will share a similar design. Built in the United States, it will come in Cargo, Cutaway and Chassis Cab configurations, allowing for maximized cargo potential.

According to Ford, the decision to electrify the Transit was partly due to fleet customers asking for electric cars for to their sustainability, reduced maintenance, and reduced noise regulations. The fleet vehicle will already have access to the Ford EV dealer network, their vehicle centers, and countless charging stations. 

To help accommodate commercial endeavors, the Transit will also offer a cloud-based service. This system, which sends information over a wireless connection, can provide the driver with live GPS tracking, hotspot connectivity, and more.

This marks an advancement for a growing sect of the industry for Ford. Their truck and van fleet sales have gone up 33 percent over the last five years, with 12 percent being from last year alone. The brand is clearly seeing the value in investing more time and resources into fleet vehicles. Making their third electric vehicle part of that industry only reaffirms the idea that Ford is going deep into fleet now.

How long do you think it will be before we start seeing Ford brand shipping boats?