The electric generation of automobiles doesn't exist solely for the powertrain. With greater advancements come improvements in every aspect of a car. And in the Mustang Mach-E's case, this includes the door handles.

To be more precise, the upcoming Ford model doesn't technically have any handles at all. Instead, the system uses a touch button to pop the doors out.

On the front doors, touching the button will open the door by about four inches through an independent actuator. This allows the operator to access a small, extended handle to open the door with. The back doors, however, have no handle at all. When its button is pressed, a small grip is found within the hem area of the doors.

Some folks might find this unnecessarily complex, but Ford Mustang Mach-E chief program engineer Ron Heiser disagrees. He spoke about the feature to Roadshow at an event last week.

"There is no extra complexity. And we do really believe it's enhancing the total experience the way that we've executed it."

Heiser explains that this method of door opening allows the engineer to reduce the amount of hardware in the doors, making for better designs, while the electric button system reminds car owners that they truly have the vehicle of the future.

Concerns were raised regarding how the pop-out doors can handle inclimate weather. Namely, could they push through a sheet of ice that often holds car doors closed in the winter? Heiser reassures that this is not going to be a problem, but did not expand much beyond that.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E battery-powered SUV will hit marketplaces sometime next year. Prices and powertrains remain to be confirmed at this time.