Since it’s official confirmation, the Ford F-150 Lighting has been one of the most anticipated electric cars of the current day. And here soon, it’ll go from anticipated to enjoyed as models enter production proper later this month.

According to a report by MotorAuthority, Ford’s plant in Dearborn, Michigan will begin production of the electric pickup truck on April 26. This has been the birthplace to Ford models since the 50s, making it appropriate for such a big shift in automotive trends. The vehicle batteries are sourced from the Rawsonville Components Plant, while the drive units are from the Van Dyke Electric Powertrain Center.

While the F-150 Lightning is the first electric pickup to be seen, it’s quickly becoming the most popular. The F-150 line is one of the most well known vehicles for multiple decades. Ford as a brand is one of the most famous names there is. When you combine that with the rising trend of electrification, it’s no wonder people would want the Lightning. And that’s not even remarking on the $39k price tag, making it almost half the cost of the rival models.

For some context, the F-150 Lightning will feature 4 wheel drive, powered by 2 electric motors, one on each axel. It will be capable of 426 horsepower with the standard range battery, and up to 563 on the extended battery trims. Where it falls shortest is with the range, a full charge providing 230 and 320 miles respectively. There is word of a rear-wheel-drive option coming later on, which might reduce the cost.

Don’t expect to find a spare Lightning in the showroom quickly, however. Ford has over 200,000 reservations for the model. And even after ramping up employment on the location, they still only estimate a production rate of 150,000 units a year.