Sales figures may not be all-defining. But sometimes some interesting information can be drawn from looking at them. And something very interesting indeed has occurred: the electric Mustang outsold the combustion engine model.

According to a recent announcement by Ford, during the month of June 2021, the all electric Mustang Mach-E crossover outsold the combustion engine coupe and convertible models. The Mach-E sold 2,465 examples in June, while the Mustang sold 2,240 examples.

Now, there’s some obvious statements here. Crossovers have been on a massive rise in popularity, while coupes and convertibles have been on a decline. So in that sense, it tracks that it would do better. And with electric cars on the rise, it has that in its favor.

But on the other side, this is the Mustang we’re talking about. The original Pony car. It has a history and a name for powerful engines and robust performance. Much of that is tied to combustion engines. It’s hard to imagine that people wouldn’t still prefer that.

What make’s it even more odd is the timing. Why now? This isn’t exactly the Mach-E’s best performing month. It had higher sales numbers earlier in the year. So why now is it overtaking the gas engine model?

MotorTrend reached out to Ford for more information, and learned that this is partially due to the ongoing chip shortage affecting the auto industry. With limited chips available, many vehicle models are achieving slow, or even paused, production. And with the Mach E being a newer, hotter model, it received some priority over the limited supply. It’s likely that the reduced Mustang numbers were the result of a more limited stock availability.

That sounds like the exact kind of situation that would create an outcome like this, really.