High end performance vehicles are something to be envied, for sure. There is plenty of discussion about how fast they run or how powerful they are. But have you ever considered the gas mileage? It might not be as good as you’d think.

You’d figure that with the ultra efficient engines present in vehicles like the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, it could zoom down to the grocery store with a single rev. But the vehicle is actually rather terrible when it comes to fuel efficiency. The vehicle has a grand 8 mpg city rating by the EPA, with a 13 on highway.

The Pur Sport is a track focused model, though. What about the standard Chiron? It’s not actually much better, ranking at 9 mpg city and 14 mpg highway. It’s not even that there’s something off about the Chiron itself. The Ford GT gets 11/14 mpg.

It makes sense, really. Having a powerful W-16 engine allows the model to produce 1,480 horsepower, reaching speeds over 200 mph. But the sacrifice is that it absolutely drains fuel in the process.

While some may criticize this, anyone who can afford to spend the $3.5 million price tag on the Bugatti Chiron probably doesn’t care how much they have to spend on gas.