It took 30 years, but the time-travelling DeLorean is being inducted into the National Historic Vehicle Register.

Managed by the Hagerty Drivers Foundation and the United States Department of the Interior, the NHVR. Their goal is to recognize and document vehicles that have held an impact to culture and history. And honestly, we’re surprised this didn’t happen sooner.

The DeLorean in question is a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 seen in the film “Back to the Future.” In it, an eccentric scientist modified the vehicle with high-tech gadgets, allowing it to achieve time travel abilities should it reach 88 miles per hour.

The vehicle model was specifically chosen by film screenwriters Bob Gales and Robert Zemeckis due to its futuristic and unconventional design and style. Prior to this, the crew intended to have a Refrigerator be the time travel machine.

The vehicle being recognized is specifically the original vehicle from the first film. After filming wrapped, it was put on display in Universal Studios Hollywood, where it stayed, falling out of operation until 2012 where it was restored and relocated to Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles by 2016.

This is the 29th vehicle to be registered by the NHVR. Most models prior are not based on film and media, so the DeLorean makes it a bit of a unique outlier. Either way, we agree with the decision to include it.