Flat tires are one of the biggest and most common hassles of daily driving. Ford is fed up with it, which is why they're introducing a special set of self-sealing Michelin tires on the 2020 Ford Explorer.

Originally developed for the Chevrolet Bolt EV, the special tires will instead be standard equipment for the SUV's Platinum and Limited Hybrid models, according to an announcement on Tuesday.

The tires, measuring at 255/55R20 tire size, work by lining the rubber wheels with an eco-friendly sealant. So when a nail or piece of metal punctures the tire, the hole is immediately filled by the sealant and little to no air is lost. The sealant will surround any objects stuck in the tire as well. Research had shown that after an entire week with a puncture, the tires had only lost 15 psi.

This doesn't mean you can simply ignore your tires. The tires should be replaced whenever a puncture occurs. But with this new seal-in-the-middle design, you won't be stranded with a flat on the highway. It can at least wait until you get home, or even until the weekend.

They're not cheap, mind you. Expect around $200 per tire.