Tesla drivers have been waiting for the fully autonomous driving mode for a long time. A couple weeks ago, we saw the first beta for the feature roll out. And now that progress seems promising, we have a new price tag. The Full Self-Driving mode for Tesla vehicles will cost $10,000 here forward.

Previously, the in-development feature used to cost $8,000 to install. Tesla explained that the price increase is because of continued work on the system and future improvements as they collect driving data from beta-test users.

Even now, purchasing the upgrade will not give immediate access to the system. Still in beta, the full self driving feature will be gradually rolled out to users that paid for access. Their current estimates indicate that all “prepaid” users should have access to the system by the end of the year.

While the system is getting better, there is still a lot of work to be done. There have been a few startling stories on social media from users with the full self driving. Tesla itself warns users that the system could do the wrong thing at the worst time. Even so, they encourage more people to participate in the beta. This is because the more people that join, the more data they can calculate and the more accurate and intelligent they can make the self driving software.

That’s still a hefty price tag for a software feature, even one advanced as that. You can get a pretty decent used car for 10 Grand.