There are plenty of silly reasons to get a vehicle recall. But leave it to Tesla for it being for an intentional design feature. The electric vehicle manufacturer has issued a recall on 53,000+ vehicles after a software update encourages the car to disobey stop signs.

On certain Tesla models, you can get into the beta of their full self driving technology, or FSD. The feature came with three options for driving behavior: Chill, Average, and Assertive. The issue in question is with Assertive, which the FSD will “have a smaller follow distance, perform more frequent speed lane changes, will not exit passing lanes, and may perform rolling stops.

In short, the new FSD update enabled a “drive like an asshole” mode. While most of these behaviors are annoying, the final one is downright illegal. Granted, a rolling stop is one of the most innocent driving laws you can break, but It's still a law nonetheless. Having the software perform this move intentionally is… not good.

As such, a recall notice has been published by the NHTSA last week. Affecting Model S, X, 3, and Y vehicles of various years. Tesla will be required to perform a software update that removes the rolling stop functionality.

According to a report by Reuters, Tesla met with the NHTSA earlier in the month and agreed to the recall.

The world is still skeptical of self driving technology, overall. Making foolish choices like this will only further create a divide between people supporting or opposing such advancements. Remember a while back when a self driving Uber ran over a woman? It was discovered that the vehicle saw the woman, but the safety features were disabled to expedite progress. While this isn’t as severe as that, it’s a good example of how such technology needs to be carefully and patiently implemented if we want everyone else to be on board with it.