By this point, you'd think we've got a feel for Tesla's strange behavior. But time and time again, they do something we absolutely did not expect. This time, it's a T-shirt. But not just any shirt. The electric automaker is now selling a T-shirt referencing their broken window in the Cybertruck premiere.

They're calling it the Cybertruck Bulletproof Tee, and they're selling it on the official Tesla store for $45 dollars. The front of the shirt is the image of a broken window. The back of the shirt is a symbol representative of the Tesla Cybertruck.

In case you missed it, which is hard, considering how much the internet as a whole was talking about it, but: A few months ago, Tesla unveiled its first pickup truck called the Cybertruck. People were making fun of two things about it. The first was its polygonal shape. The second was that during the showcase, they threw a brick at the window to prove how strong it was. But instead of resisting, the window broke. So they tried again with another window and THAT window broke too.

An unfortunate PR stunt to go wrong, for sure. But Tesla appeared to be taking the happenstance in stride with this T-shirt. Forty-five bucks for a T-shirt is a bit much. They're sure to turn enough of a profit to make this worthwhile, at least.  And all the while, they're continuing to cultivate their eccentric public perception.