Tesla has produced a record number of vehicles in the last quarter of 2018, totaling nearly 90,000 models. Despite this, stock value continues to fall as much as 8%.

According to financial reports In Q4 of 2018, Tesla produced 61,394 Model 3s and 25,161 model S and X units, combining to 86,555 units overall. This is a new production record for the company.

It doesn't reach their goals, however. This even's out to about 4,700 Model 3s a week, just barely under the 5,000 a week goal the company set in May of 2017. The company has a history of setting slightly out of reach goals. In August of last year, they rose their production goal to 6,000 a week.

The reports also show a total of 90,700 cars were shipped in the same quarter. Seldom does a company ship more than they produce in a quarter. This may have been due to an increased focus on delivering as many cars as they can before 2019. The company is set to lose a key federal tax break at the end of the year, after all.

Previously, Tesla customers were eligible for a $7,500 tax break. Now that the expiration is taking effect, the value has been decreased to $3,750. it will fall to $1,875 in July, and to zero at the end of the year.

To help offset the loss of savings, Tesla is dropping process across all of their products by $2,000.

Tesla has been struggling on the stock market these last few months, falling by $76 dollars in the last month. The company has experienced harder dips and greater recoveries in the last year alone, though. So it's certainly no sign of the future.