Can you imagine driving so well that you become a knight? For seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton, that idea is now a reality. The racing start received a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II during last week’s UK New Year Honours List.

The F1 driver certainly has a history worthy of acclaim. Hamilton managed to achieve an amazing 95 wins at the age of 35, driving for McLaren and Mercedes-Benz AMG. He’s already matched Michael Schimacher’s record of total championships, with plenty of time left to raise that bar even higher.

Sir Hamilton, as they are now known as, is the fourth F1 driver to be knighted. Before him was Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart, and Jack Brabham.

This isn’t the first time Hamilton has been honored by the British powers, either. In 2008, he was inducted as a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, for winning his first championship with McLaren.

Back in November, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson actually recommended Hamilton for Knighthood. The suggestion was due to both the driver’s racing history, and his recent efforts to bring awareness and combat racism. More recently, Hamilton took a knee before races, wore shirts sporting “Black Lives Matter” and promoted the arrest of the policemen that shot and killed Breonna Taylor. In the greater long term, however, Hamilton also established the Hamilton Commision, an organization aimed at increasing diversity in motor sports.

When you consider his history, it makes sense for him to be honored this way. Congratulations Sir Lewis Hamilton!