Boots are like pickup trucks for your feet, right? Well, even if not, Ram supports the footwear anyway. The automaker has partnered with Wolverine to produce a boot and clothing brand in commemoration of the workin’ truck.

Announced over Labor Day weekend, Ram wants “to celebrate those in the skilled trades and the work ethic that it takes to succeed.” With Wolverine being one of the most popular work boot companies right now, they’ve made the right choice for this collaboration.

It’s more than just a promotion, though. It’s for a good cause. Ram and Wolverine will donate proceeds from pre-sale orders to Skills USA, a tradesperson support non-profit organization. While a bit limited, some money toward charity of better than none at all. Unless these are pre-order only. They’ve not made it clear if the product will still be available after launch, so we assume they will be.

Wolverine/Ram will over a variety of models, including Tradesman Safety Toe, Rebel Safety Toe, and Limited 1000 Mile boot. Priced at $229, $239, and $400 respectively, each pair of boots comes with a variety of benefits to those working long, tough jobs. Visually, they look like your average work boot, but with the Ram logo on the tongue. The names are references to various Ram trim levels, too.

We own a pair of Wolverine ourselves, and we can’t deny that they’re good work boots. We can’t speak to the quality of these specific boots, since they aren't out yet. But if you like Ram trucks and happen to need new boots soon, this seems like a pretty good opportunity.