The taste for an electric pickup truck started with Rivian and Tesla. And now Ford is really ramping up the public interest in such an idea. But where is everyone else? Apparently Ram is stuck on the design table, because they’re now asking for consumers to help decide on what the 1500 Electric ends up becoming.

The brand is doing something they call the Ram Revolution Campaign. While the details regarding how the program will work are now fully figured out, it’ll operate out of its own website, where users can visit, read up-to-date information about the upcoming model, and provide feedback on future changes. Mike Koval Jr., Ram's CEO, calls it an opportunity to engage with customers closer.

“Our new Ram Revolution campaign will allow us to engage with consumers in a close and personal way, so we can a gather meaningful feedback, understand their wants and needs and address their concerns.”

While all of this sounds engaging, in theory, we have doubts this will be anything nearly as interesting as it could be. Frankly speaking, we half expect Ram to just produce something they already decided internally, but will use this as a false “we listened to our community” claim to try and draw good will from consumers. But hey, maybe we’re just being pessimistic. We will know in due time. You can stay tuned at