There may not be an electric Corvette, but United States President Joe Biden sure believes there will be. And he’s brought it up enough times for us to think he might know something.

Last Thursday, President Biden held a press conference regarding electric vehicle policy. During this, he made a remark that the General Motors CEO would let him drive the first electric Corvette.

“I've got a commitment from [Mary Barra], when they make the first electric Corvette, I get to drive it. You think I'm kidding, I'm not kidding.”

Biden has been a long time enthusiast of classic American cars, owning a C2 Corvette of his own. And this is the second time he’s brought up the idea of an electric ‘vette. The first time was during his campaign ads last year. At that time, a GM spokesperson said that Biden was not privy to anything GM was working on, and his statements toward an electric ‘vette were not based on GM’s statements or behavior. The Detroit Free Press countered this statement with a claim that an inside source at the Bowling Green Assembly plant in Kentucky were able to confirm the rumor.

It’d be no surprise to hear that major corporations would want to get cozy with arguable the most powerful man in the nation. Especially when topics like vehicle regulations are concerned. We would absolutely believe that GM wants to butter up Biden in their favor, So when he’s talks about wanting to drive an electric Corvette, they’d be inclined to listen.

So is there actually an Electric Corvette? Officially, no. But with what’s appeared so far, we’re really starting to think there will be one soon.