Wonderful news is coming for American racing enthusiasts with plenty of money to burn: Czech automaker Praga is coming to the states.

The Czech auto brand has been around for over 100 years. In the last decade or so, they’ve been making quite the name in the racing world with their R1 racing vehicle. And now, they’re coming to the U.S. with their first dealership.

The building itself, based at the Sonoma Raceway in California, will be known as Praga Racing West. The location will be owned and operated by pro racers Paul Blickman, Tim Barber and Steven Farrario. Praga just signed the deal, so construction and logistics still need to take place. It’ll be awhile before it opens up.

The dealership will focus on the R1 race car, offering purchasable examples, full service options, scheduled maintenance, track support, and transport. They’ll also be able to modify each model to fit specific regulations, with the current build housing a mid-mounted 2.0-liter inline-4 engine.

While the R1 is not exactly a cheap car, it’s estimated price point of around $160,000 is impressive given the level of detail, engineering, and performance that the vehicles offer. Though we’re sure the cost of things like maintenance, raceway rentals, and transport definitely add up over time. Even so, If I ever end up a millionaire, this will be high on my list of vehicles to buy first.