While electrics are quickly becoming an in-demand aspect of consumer cars, it's not as welcomed with sports and performance cars, not with Porsche, at least. According to their GT division, they have no interest in electrification.

Head of the Porsche GT Division Andreas Preuninger spoke with Autocar on Friday, explaining that the consumer GT vehicles based on race vehicles will not be getting an electric or hybrid variant. They explained that this decision is because the race cars themselves don't have electrics, so neither should it's GT derivatives. Otherwise, the brand loses credibility for its GT streetcars, they claim.

This isn't a sign that Porsche is against electrification entirely. They're dedicating a fair bit of effort in electrifying the Taycan and Macan. Preuninger reminds us of when Klaus Zellmer, Porsche North America CEO, previously stated that the brand has three pillars: hybrids, battery-electrics, and hardcore sports cars.

So we can expect a lot of electrics from Porsche, just not with their sports cars.