While other automakers are looking into 3D printing for the sake of improved efficiency, Porsche is looking to the technology for creating a more customizable experience. At least as far as car seats are concerned.

You might not have known this, but racing cars will have custom made seats shaped to the form of the driver themselves. This ensured the greatest degree of comfort available while they perform some complicated maneuvers.

Porsche wants to take this idea to a consumer level, using 3D printing to create car seats that are custom made for the driver. Based on the brand's lightweight bucket seats, the printed aspect comes from the polyurethane layer on top of the main structure. These cushions will be offered in three degrees of firmness and softness initially.

At launch, the custom seats will be available through the Porsche Tequipment system for the 911 and 718 Cayman/Boxter cars. They'll be producing and releasing 40 examples, marked for May. Intended for European race tracks, it'll feature the six-point buckle system.

If successful, the automaker will roll out street-legal versions of the seats sometime in 2021. Pricing and specifics were not provided at this time.

When automobiles are involved, most 3D printing efforts have been toward more utilitarian aspects. Take Bugatti for example, who used the technology to produce brake calipers that were stronger than standard models, and at a reduced speed.