Porsche is best known for providing quality vehicles, but the company is looking to broaden its automotive scope. The brand is looking to launch its own automotive insurance program that breaks away from the norm.

Announced by Porsche Financial Services last week, The Porsche Auto Insurance program will provide coverage for drivers based on their exact vehicle mileage, unlike other insurance providers. Instead of having a base rate at an average price, the program will have a lower base rate, with more or less on the price based on how much you drive. No monitoring technology is required either, drivers can simply take a picture of their odometer and send it in.

The program will provide a number of smaller perks relating to their brand, as well. One example of this is with the Genuine Parts option in the event of an accident.

Starting out in just two states, Oregon and Illinois, the program will be provided through Mile Auto, a company that handles other pay-per-mile insurance plans. This only applies to Porsche vehicles, if that wasn't assumed. Any owner with a 1981 Porsche or newer is eligible for Porsche Auto Insurance.