Porsche is showing the higher potential of electric vehicles with the all electric Taycan. At least that's what the brand wants people to think. So to further reinforce that idea, they’ve enlisted celebrity scientist Bill Nye to star in a series of videos showing the model off.

Bill Nye, host of the popular educational children’s show Billy Nye the Science Guy, is also host of a new video series with Porche. Dubbed “Bill Nye Explains the All-Electric Taycan,” each video focuses on an aspect of the vehicle in a scientific light. This ranges from remarking on the aerodynamic shape to the regenerative braking system. Taking place at the Porsche Experience Center near Los Angeles, we see plenty of hands-on experiments and examples of the Taycan’s capabilities.

The automaker released an announcement trailer, along with the first episode today. However, some more sluethy types have managed to find the unlisted video links to four more episodes. These videos can be watched now, but will possibly be taken offline until their official reveal date. Regardless, we’ll be linking every video below for your viewing enjoyment.

This is a tremendously clever marketing idea. Bill Nye is one of the most well known scientists in America. He also has a long-standing affinity for electric cars, so his interest isn’t just hammed up for the camera.

The Taycan is an impressive vehicle, both in specs and in price. Considering the level of quality and performance, the fact that it’s only $80k is surprising. That’s still quite a bit of money, sure. But for what you’re getting; we’re impressed.