The selection grows a touch wider in American automobile markets as French automaker Peugeot plans to enter U.S. markets by 2026.

The brand recently announced their plans to come to America, showcasing a few models at this year's Geneva Motor Show in preparation. The models shown ranged from electric hybrid SUVs to performance sports cars.

Peugeot didn't state what vehicle models they intend to bring to the market. But if they want to hold a candle to the current contenders, they're going to need a crossover. They will also need something larger and more powerful than their current selection. There's the Peugeot 5008, but it's not the most appealing design we've seen.

It'll be a few years before we see anything substantial regarding the market expansion. Stay tuned.

It's pronounced "per-jow" but with a soft J. "per-gshow" I guess? French is a weird language.