It’s no secret that getting hit by a truck is a deadly experience. But as it turns out, the lethality of large vehicles is getting to high that a New York Senator is looking to require that all SUVs and pickup trucks have a killability rating.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a grim way of putting it. But it’s true. According to an article by Jalopnik, New York State Senator Andrew Gounardes recently introduced a bill that would require all motor vehicles to have a pedestrian safety rating system. With this, each vehicle would have a 5 star rating system, which would be displayed at dealerships, letting potential buyers know how much harm this vehicle would cause if it hit someone.

This kind of information is particularly valuable for a place like New York, where pedestrians and cyclists exist in a larger capacity than most other States.

But this isn’t just for New York, the bill is addressing a nation-wide issue that has been on the rise. According to studies by the Government Accountability Office and the National Highway and Traffic Safety Association, there’s an approximate four percent increase in pedestrian traffic deaths every year over the last few years. Most of these deaths have been by larger vehicles like SUVs and pickup trucks.

We don’t expect this to change the sale, production, or promotion of big, deadly trucks. Frankly speaking, we somewhat expect this will only encourage some folks to intentionally look for the most lethal truck they can find. But hey, at the very least, it creates some awareness on a growing problem.