Nissan is putting pressure on the electric race scene as they unveil their latest electric race car: the LEAF NISMO RC.

Released under the brand's racing branch, NISMO, the Leaf RC is a combination of the company's powerful racing technology and all of the electric components of the Nissan LEAF. With a dual-motor powertrain, the vehicle is expected to produce a combined 240 kilowatts and 640 Nm of torque. This is nearly double that of the previous NISMO LEAF model, introduced in 2011.

“A new all-wheel-drive system gives the LEAF NISMO RC its outstanding cornering prowess. Power is managed independently to each axle, instantly supplying torque to the tire with the most grip to let the car maneuver quickly and efficiently around the track. Similar to the previous model, chassis weight balance has been optimized by the midship location of the battery pack, with the electric motors and inverters ideally placed over the front and rear tires.”


The model features a three-piece bodywork, allowing owners to remove the front and rear sections as needed. It also comes with an LED light system, fixed windows, and an adjustable rear wing for improved downforce. Sitting wide and low, it measures slightly longer than the previous model.

The NISMO LEAF is formally intended for debut in December during the annual NISMO Festival at Fuji International Speedway. Lucky for us, Nissan has released early preview images, used as our header.